The Beach Boys

Doug BellI was born in Honolulu Hawaii, but mostly grew up in the small suburban town of Franklin, Massachusetts. When I would come home from school, I loved to go up to my room and play the beach boys on my record player.

They had a huge influence on our east coast culture. The girls, the beach, the surfing and the cars. Everybody wanted a surfin’ surfari. The coolest thing ever was when Bruce Brown came to Orleans near Nauset light beach and showed us his movie. It was about us surfers called the endless summer and he showed it in a church. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would one day play with the beach boys.

A couple of years ago, my friend Charles Stockham said a friend of his, John Wilson, was having a 50th birthday party and had hired the Beach Boys! Would I like to go…….u kidding?

“50th birthday party and what a party”

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So, now I’m curious, who hires the beach boys for a private, and who is John Wilson? Well, John had held only 3 jobs in his 50 years, Staples, CFO; the GAP, CFO; and Northwest Airlines, all of which he took public. His east coast home abuts the Kennedy compound, and his west coast home looks like a castle, so what can I buy for a guy like this, what could they possibly need, I immediately thought……a Ukulele of course !


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