Fenway park

Perfect Swing - Ted Williams cd with Bellevue CadillacFenway park, the green monster…..iconic. I have had more than a few brushes with Fenway. Fundraisers for the jimmy fund, baseball games as a kid, but little did I realize then, I would one day be on a CD with Ted Williams!!!

The splendid splinter, one of the greatest that ever lived. When swing was king for the second time, 1998 I was asked for 2 songs for a compilation CD called the perfect swing, with an intro and outro by none other than ted Williams!

Now if that wasn’t enough, my band Bellevue Cadillac had the choice of either Fenway park to open a game, or the allstar party at harbor lights with Kenny Rogers opening for us. I chose the latter, and smash mouth (a much bigger star act) did fenway.

Smart move, I’m from Boston and know the drill!!

Whoever is playing…..hoots of get off the stage…start the game, were heard all over the bleachers…Boston sports fans….rabid! Faithful, if we want a concert we will buy a ticket to one…this is BASEBALL, tough shit smash mouth! So we play the 1999 allstar game and all the allstars are there, including ted Williams, so I have him autograph my CD.

I’m in good company on the CD, setzer,big bad voodoo daddy, Ellington,Sammy davis,Ella,Peggy lee etc. Kenny Rogers opens the show and then the ceremony, fireworks and a laser show then Bellevue Cadillac!! It gets better, 12 years has gone by and I get a call to play Fenway park, finally……….Bellevue Cadillac at Fenway park, beautiful


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