Gary U.S. bonds, Memphis and me


Bruce Springsteen and I are both big Gary U.S. Bonds fans. So you can imagine when I ran into Gary at the Memphis in may festival I was thrilled. I told him that when I first heard “quarter to three” on my transistor radio, I ran out of my house and all the way downtown to j j Newberry’s dept store to buy the single! He did a double take and started laughing, and laughing. I said no Gary, it was true, the “sound” of that record was amazing, the handclaps, stomping sax, party atmosphere was so infectious, I had to hear it over and over. He told me that the recording was done in the back closet storeroom of a record shop where he grew up. He also said at the time he was on his way to being a pro golfer of all things, and his uncle told him to stay in the record biz! There were lots of stories he shared about writing the lyric to New Orleans and ” I said a hey hey hey yeah” but it was quarter to three that was the launching pad for me, goes to show you don’t need all kinds of electronic wizardry to record a legendary performance!


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