Moulty! And me


The barbarians, are you a boy or are you a girl, with your long blond hair you look like a girl! These words from a song about a nation in change. It was a huge hit for the barbarians and a minor hit for a New Jersey band called the hassles, who’s keyboard guy was then billy joe, soon to be billy Joel! I saw the hassles at a college mixer in Franklin ma, at dean jr college. My band the merits played it as well. But I digress, moulty was the drummer with a Hook! A real honest to god freakin blackpatch, wooden leg, parrot shoulder, gold earring arrgggy Barrgy freakin Hook!! A badass legend, and there he was standing right there at some singer songwriter thing, freakin’ MOULTY! So I said, hey are you moulty? He goes, uh….yeah…….how’d you know? Jeeze…..could be that hook. I’m thinkin, but I said, lucky guess. He’s an accountant now and you didn’t want to tell him he had the longest hair of anybody in rock back then which made him cool. He told me that the barbarians didn’t really exist, they were a studio band when it hit, also told me their other big hit MOULTY, the story of the one armed drummer wasn’t supposed to be released. Great guy, funny, and a true legend to those who knew. I loved those garage band hits, and to me the barbarians WILL be as real a band as the ramones!


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