The Merits and Me

20130719-113604.jpgGod, just look at those vox amps. This was my first band, Donny fregeau asked me to join after an audition at my parents house in Franklin mass. 1966/67. The British Invasion launched a million bands, and the merits were one of the many. We were lucky too, as we actually had a manager.

Lucky fregeau was Donny’s dad and fronted the gear including my gretsch country gentleman, just like George’s! So off we went to e u Wurlitzer music ( the music store) I worked in for 10 years, to pick out the equipment. The merits went on to win the battles of the bands in our mass/rhode island stomping grounds, even competing against Jonathan richman (pre modern lovers and godfather of punk) days, just him, a fender jaguar and a fender amp, kinda weird really.

The merits had a tour bus with the name written on it, and were locked in a battle of celebrity with our rival band the legends. The songs were mostly covers, with some originals thrown in, as I began writing pretty crappy songs, but the moment people remember was the psychedelic rendition of midnight hour with a 5 minute “raga” solo I did in the middle. We played some great shows at dean college ( then a jr college) nd I left and went off to be an acoustic singer songwriter, they continued on for a time replacing me with a much better guitar player and faded int the mists of time, I’m so glad I have this photo, mrs fregeau had made us these capes that I saw David Crosby wearing in the byrds but we must have taken them off by the time the photo was taken at the fireman’s muster, dean field, on a flatbed truck dean jr college 1966


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