Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

photoTime won’t let me, a timeless pop song from  the 1960s, it launched a thousand garage bands. the lead singer sonny geraci had a great career up and thru, precious and few with the band, climax, but then he had health problems.

I found myself in cleveland, ohio with 26 other artists in support of a fundraiser for sonny. the amazing thing about this, was the lack of ego i found from all those 50s and 60s artists. they didn’t make the kind of money the artists of the 70s and 80s did, and it showed in the lack of jockeying, and expectations of star treatment. the other aspect i clearly saw, every one of these artists deserved the hits they had.

photo2There was no doubt they had way more in kit than just one hit wonders. many, still sang the songs in the original key! the 1910 fruitgum co,  the archies, the rip chords, the buckinghams, the shadows of knight, gary lewis and the playboys, santo and johnny, billy joe royal, roy head, dickie lee, the boxtops, dallas frazier, bruce channel, steve jarrell, raspberries, hollies, dennis tufano, gary decarlo, the vogues, the reflections, tony orlando and frank stallone. many of these greats were just colors on 45s i had as a kid, it was amazing to put faces to those records. two days of respectful, talented stars gathered together to honor and help sonny was a lesson……….in professionalism and humility.

The next day we spent with tours and interviews of the rock & roll hall of fame, and also the last time i saw johnny winter, who has since passed……the music was amazing, the stories off the hook, and the warmth and joy, put the music biz back in perspective for me…….i will cherish that weekend forever…..


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