Concerts in Your Home

What is a House Concert? 

A house concert is a concert in a living room, parlor, back yard, barn, basement or any room in our outside of your home that’s not a traditional venue. It’s a casual, intimate, completely unique event that connects musicians and music-lovers. House concerts are growing in popularity for both artists and hosts due to their regular successes. Artists find great listening rooms and a place to tell their stories and share their songs with new ears. Hosts find the opportunity to present their favorite musicians to their friends without having to deal with price-y ticket fees, noisy bars, parking, commute and or high alcohol costs. Musicians and listeners get to know each other on a personal level, and connect face to face in an environment suitable for anywhere from 25-150 people depending on the venue.

Typically, when I play house concerts, I play two 45-minute sets of original music with a break in between where guests can get refreshments or buy CDs. The host and I usually decide together on a “suggested donation” between $20 and $40. I also sell CDs and other merchandise before the show, during the intermission and after the concert. Often, the hosts will offer accommodation for the night. Hosts may choose to do potluck with guests and BYOB, coffee and snacks, or a full spread. Each house concert is very different, but some of my best shows have been house concerts!

House concerts have emerged as a viable way for acoustic singer/songwriters to tour, make a living, and build a fan base without relying on clubs.  There are lots of great resources for learning more about hosting a house concert (one of the best is The most important factor is that the show is advertised as a “sit down” or “listening room concert” – this way audience members will know that it’s not a party with background music, but in fact a concert just like they may attend in their favorite local theater or listening room. I adore house concerts, and engaging with my audience during the show and between sets.

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Would you like to host a House Concert?

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